Invest with Confidence

Bancorp Financial Services Inc. (BFSI) is an integrated real estate finance and mortgage fund management company. Established in 1975, BFSI has earned a reputation as a highly knowledgeable and ethical real estate specialist and investment fund manager. With an individual average of more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, our professional management team has the experience and expertise to meet the real estate investment needs of investors and the lending needs of borrowers.  We have the experience and market intelligence to expertly initiate, structure, and manage a series of mortgage investment portfolios. Our goal is to provide attractive returns and secure real estate investment opportunities to investors through investment in our mortgage funds and individual syndicated mortgages on a select basis.

As a non-bank lender, we provide competitive, flexible, and service-oriented financing to developers and owners in the real estate industry. We understand the issues facing borrowers and have the knowledge and experience to deliver loan structures to fit each borrower’s needs.

Our Funds

BFSI currently manages two mortgage investment corporations – Bancorp Balanced Mortgage Fund II Ltd. (BBMF) and Bancorp Growth Mortgage Fund II Ltd. (BGMF) and also offers investment in syndicated mortgages to accredited investors as defined under the Securities Act.

Each of BBMF and BGMF are comprised of a diversified portfolio of mortgage loans originated, underwritten and managed by BFSI.  Each fund has its own distinct investment guidelines and target yield goals with BBMF targeting 2 year Govt. of Canada bonds plus 4% with a mortgage portfolio consisting of primarily 1st mortgages and BGMF targeting 2 year Gov’t. of Canada bonds plus 7% with a mortgage portfolio consisting of primarily 2nd mortgages.

Our Process

We take the security of investor’s capital seriously and ensure that each mortgage, whether in one of our mortgage investment corporations or syndicated mortgages is well secured by the real estate and has good borrower sponsorship. We put every loan application through a rigorous due diligence and underwriting process including independent appraisals to confirm estimated value as well as environmental and other consultant reports as appropriate for the mortgage being processed.

Key Benefits of Our Mortgage Funds

  • Quarterly income — each fund pays all income by cash or quarterly income can be automatically reinvested in the fund on a quarterly basis
  • RRSP/RRIF/TFSA eligible
  • Redemption rights
  • Diversified mortgage portfolio averaging 25 to 35 mortgages in each fund
  • No individual loan exceeds 10% of respective fund
  • Diversification from an investor’s stock and bond portfolios
  • Proven track record for each fund and BFSI
  • Full independent audit annually and quarterly management prepared financial statements provided
  • A portion of BFSI fund management fees are based on fund performance aligning BFSI’s interests with investment performance
  • Properties are located in British Columbia and Alberta
  • No loans are permitted to related parties including officers, directors, employees, or managers of the Funds