Investing Overview


Whether you are new to investing or have an established portfolio in private capital market investments, you can feel confident partnering with Bancorp. Our real estate investment experience covers a range of private capital market opportunities.

When you invest in our mortgage investment funds, you benefit from the combined knowledge and prudence of a team of experts who understand real estate and the issues facing investors, and who are dedicated to providing superior investment opportunities for our clients.

Bancorp has earned a reputation as a highly knowledgeable and ethical real estate investment specialist. We have the experience and market intelligence to expertly initiate, structure, and manage a series of mortgage investment portfolios.


We take the security of your capital seriously and ensure that each mortgage, whether in one of our mortgage investment corporations (MICs) or syndicated mortgages, is backed by real property. We put every loan application through a rigorous due diligence process. As an added safeguard, each mortgage is assessed by an independent appraiser, thereby ensuring the collateral value of the security fully protects the loan.


Bancorp provides a profitable and secure way for individual investors to invest in the Western Canadian real estate market through our established family of mortgage investment funds.

Each of our funds is comprised of a diversified portfolio of mortgage loans, secured by real property. Each fund is set up as a mortgage investment corporation (MIC), allowing investors to participate in a diversified pool of mortgages.

Key Benefits of Our Mortgage Funds

  • Quarterly income — fund pays dividends by cash or DRIP on a quarterly basis
  • RRSP/RRIF/TFSA eligible
  • Redemption rights
  • Fully diversified (by location and type of mortgages)
  • No individual loan exceeds 10% of respective fund
  • Diversification for investor’s stock and bond portfolios
  • Assessment by an investment committee
  • Management co-investment in funds
  • Management’s return aligned with investment performance
  • Properties are located in British Columbia and Alberta
  • No loans are permitted to officers, directors, employees, or managers of the Funds

Bancorp offers a choice of two funds, with each fund providing its own unique investment strategy and risk/reward profile:

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While a mortgage investment corporation (MIC) invests in a portfolio of mortgages, a mortgage syndication is a group of investors investing in one specific mortgage.
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