Investing Overview

Under the Securities Act (BC) investment in the products offered and managed by Bancorp Financial Services Inc. (“BFSI”) must be made through a licensed dealer. Bancorp Investor Services Ltd. (“BISL”) is 100% owned by BFSI and is a licensed dealer registered as an Exempt Market Dealer (“EMD”) in British Columbia. Its license limits it to opportunities to offering investments in each of Bancorp Balanced Mortgage Fund II Ltd. (“BBMF”) and Bancorp Growth Mortgage Fund II Ltd. (“BGMF”), both of which are managed by BFSI as well as syndicated mortgages issued by BFSI.

As BISL is 100% owned by BFSI and has common management there are potential conflicts of interest. While we do have policies and procedures in place to assess if a purchase is suitable, you may wish to get advice from an independent securities dealer before you consider purchasing these related/connected issuer securities through BISL.

Investment Team

If you are interested in investing in products offered and managed by BFSI and wish to use the services of BISL, please contact a BISL Dealing Representative at (604) 608-2717. To view our team click here.

Dealing representatives will discuss and answer any questions you may have about either fund, or investing in a syndicated mortgage. There are also prescribed procedures to follow to ensure that any investment you wish to make fits with your investor profile and that any investment by you in products offered and managed by BFSI are suitable for you.  This is the same practice that all licensed dealers will follow.


Investment in syndicated mortgages is restricted by BFSI to accredited investors which one of our BISL dealing representatives can describe for you. BFSI also typically requires a minimum of $100,000 invested in each syndicated mortgage so this type of investment is not suitable for many investors.

Investment in a syndicated mortgage is not always available as syndicated mortgage opportunities comes up on an irregular basis.  If you are interested in syndicated mortgages it is important that you meet with a dealer representative, either with BISL or an independent dealer to confirm you qualify as an accredited investor under Securities legislation and have gone through the Know Your Client and suitability process. This is required prior to any offer for investment in a BFSI syndicated mortgage as there is often not enough time for that process when a syndicated mortgage becomes available.