Syndicated Mortgages

As an exempt market investment, our syndicated mortgages are available to accredited investors seeking a high rate of return.


  • Available to accredited investors
  • Investment in specific mortgages with return of investment upon repayment
  • Complete underwriting package provided to assist decision making
  • Real estate investment opportunities in British Columbia and Alberta
  • Yield varies on a project by project basis

Investment Strategy

Syndicate mortgage partners make their investment decision based on a thorough underwriting process and presentation that we provide for review. Accredited Investors are eligible to participate in syndicated mortgages. When the mortgage matures and is paid out, the funds are returned to the investors.

Risk/Reward Profile

Syndicated mortgages can represent the full range of financing options and properties. Each investment presents its own unique risks and the yield reflects these risks.

How To Invest

Please contact us if you are interested in making an investment in one of our syndicated mortgages.