Bancorp NO FEE Self-Directed RRSP & RRIF (and Spousal Plans)

Bancorp offers investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolio by investing in one of our Mortgage Investment Funds through RRSPs and RRIFs. Bancorp currently offers two Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) funds:

  • Balanced II ( primarily a first-mortgage fund)
  • Growth II ( primarily a second-mortgage fund)

These offer investors the assurance that preservation of capital and superior returns are of the greatest importance when mortgages are selected for our funds.

How to Invest

Bancorp offers four methods for investing via RRSPs and RRIFs:

  • Transfer existing Bancorp MIC shares held in RRSPs with other trustees to your Bancorp plan
  • Transfer cash from RRSPs with other trustees for the purchase of Bancorp MIC shares
  • Make your RRSP contributions through the purchase Bancorp MIC shares
  • Make your RRSP contribution by transferring Bancorp MIC shares already owned personally
  • To purchase, please complete the following forms:


  • RRSP plans — Quarterly dividends are reinvested into the RRSP
  • RRIF plans — Quarterly dividends are reinvested into the RRIF

Note: Minimum initial MIC purchase is $10,000 per fund
Minimum subsequent purchases are $5,000 per fund

Redemptions from the plan are permitted, subject to the retraction period outlined in the offering memorandum and are also subject to Canada Revenue Agency withholding tax requirements.

RRIF withdrawals are made in accordance with CRA requirements