Monthly Archives: December 2011

Mark D. Silverwood

Mark originally joined Bancorp in 1990 and worked for the company for seven years as a broker. He subsequently became a commercial lender for MCAP and CareVest Capital Inc. where he was primarily responsible for deal origination, loan structuring and … Continue reading

Richard K. Nicholson

Rick has been with Bancorp since 1984. He was the vice-president of operations for Bancorp’s offices in Phoenix, Arizona, and subsequently opened the company’s Toronto office. He served as vice-president there until 1990, when he relocated to Bancorp’s Victoria office. … Continue reading

Arnold E. Miles-Pickup

Arnie is currently a Principal and Director of Bancorp Financial Services Inc. He joined Bancorp in September 2001 and was President and CEO from 2001 – 2011 when he became Chairman until March 2018. Arnie worked in the banking and … Continue reading

Wendy Herdin

Wendy joined the Bancorp team in April 2007. She is responsible for shareholder relations and for managing administration of the company, its subsidiaries and associated mortgage investment corporation (MIC’s). Wendy has more than 30 years of experience in the financial … Continue reading

Kelly M. Chiu

Before joining Bancorp in January 2005, Kelly worked in New York City, in the commercial mortgage securitization department of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and Daiwa Securities, where she was responsible for legal documentation and investor reports. At Bancorp, Kelly co-ordinates … Continue reading

Douglas Bentley

Doug is currently the CEO and Chairman of Bancorp Financial Services Inc. He joined Bancorp in 2001 and had various responsibilities including loan origination, loan underwriting, loan administration, loan management and fund management. He was appointed Chief Operating Officer in … Continue reading